Schedule pickupSchedule a visit!

The process of selling your furniture has never been easier. If you have quality used furniture to sell, let UFS make it easy for you.  Call or email us to schedule an appointment in your home or the location of the furniture Monday – Friday. This service is free of charge and your quote is valid for 30 days. There is no pressure. We want this to be very convenient and easy. We are prompt, decisive and rarely take up more than 15 minutes of your time.

Schedule pickupWe pickup!

After we have given you a written and itemized quote on the used furniture you are selling, give us a call or message to set up a pickup time within your 30-day window. UFS will come back to your location with our careful, courteous staff and a big truck to haul away the furniture. We are professional, quick and easy to deal with.

Schedule pickupYou Get Paid!

When we come to pick up any or all the items on your quote, you will receive a check in full for the furniture we are purchasing. We haul it away for you and we buy it outright. The whole process can take as little as a couple of days depending on your location and our schedule. You don’t have to move it and you don’t have to wait for your money.

Schedule pickupWhat furniture we buy

We do buy quality used furniture in good condition. Condition and construction are the biggest factors deciding whether or not we can purchase your used furniture. We see many different items through the shop of all levels. We buy solid and well-made furniture in good or great condition. We also buy useful, cool, vintage, mid-century, current, contemporary and rustic used furniture, along with art, mirrors, lamps and much more. We buy furniture every day.

Schedule pickupWhat furniture we don’t buy

We do not buy entertainment centers, appliances, instruments, ripped or torn furniture, the cat scratched furniture, floral sofas, dirty or soiled, super ugly, smoked around or broken furniture. Sometimes even if the furniture is in good condition we have to pass on it if it’s a challenging style or just something we have not had much luck with in the past. We never charge you to come and look and we will be quick and respectful of your time in turning it down if we have to, so it’s at the least amount of inconvenience to you as possible. If you have something that you are unsure about, you can always text or email photos for quick initial review.

Schedule pickupHigh-End Designer and Custom Furniture

Don’t be fooled with fancy names or advertising. Here at UFS, we see the very high-end, custom, designer and one of a kind items. If you have them and want to sell them we are well versed and purchase them outright and pick it up. We buy these pieces with regularity and consistency.