Used Furniture Bozeman FAQBozeman’s Largest Selection of Used Furniture!

Located in the heart of beautiful Bozeman, Montana, the Used Furniture Store is easy to find at 203 North 20th Ave. Walk inside our large showroom and you will consistently find over 3,000 pieces of clean, quality used furniture in a comfortable and casual shopping experience. With over 200 items arriving weekly and consistently, you can feel confident it’s never a wasted trip to come and take a quick look. If you don’t find it the first time, be sure to come back often because our inventory is dynamic and fast moving with fresh pieces arriving daily. We hustle every day so you don’t have to look all over town and online to find locally sourced quality used furniture.  And one of our goals to have something for every taste and budget so we offer a wide variety of styles, eras and price ranges.

We don’t have fancy salespeople looking for a commission, we don’t have name tags and we rarely tuck in our shirts. We are simply on a mission to bring some fairness in buying quality items at value based prices. We don’t think you should have to sift through stacks of unorganized inventory or junk to see what we have or need to get gouged on prices of high-quality goods.  Our staff is knowledgeable about our products, very courteous and happy to answer your questions about our services. Our products include an expansive range of furniture, art, lighting, rugs, pillows, accessories, and home goods. Our services include pickup, delivery, storage, staging, being on time and reliable.

All upholstered furniture has been professionally cleaned on site, leather has been conditioned, bolts have been tightened. We take pride in redefining what people think about used furniture and being the best at what we do. We also take pride in being fair everyday, everytime. You never know what you are missing until you walk through the shop…

Schedule pickupWhat to expect when shopping here

We will always have expansive inventory options that vary greatly in price and style. They can be inexpensive and solid, cool, vintage, antique, barely used, modern, useful, inspiring, funky, locally made, custom, to expensivish high-end furniture and everything in between. There are not many rules. We see all types of used furniture and its always in great condition and clean or a cool project.
You can count on the fact that we have researched these items or seen them before and know what we are looking at and offering you a great value. You can always expect us to know or find out the answers to your questions. You can expect that we are here for you and we value your time and trust in us. We are consistent and honest and will strive to serve your needs.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWe are casual

 We are casual and usually working on something. We will let you know that we are here with a greeting and check in on you but we are not pushy anxious salespeople. So if you need help, yell at us and you will have our undivided attention.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQAlways something new to see

You can also count on the fact that if you were here yesterday, last week, month or year, there is something new to see. It is never the same store twice.