Used Furniture Bozeman FAQHow long does it take to get my appointment for a quote and get the items picked up?

This can vary based on your location and the time of year. As always, with a little planning and notice the easier it will be to accommodate your time frame. If you call us 10-14 days out we can do almost anything. If you call us 2 days out, everything would have to be perfect to get that done. So, call early and give us a chance to exceed your expectations.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQHow long can the furniture sit there before I have to pick it up?

We try to get the purchased furniture off the floor within 72 hours. We offer delivery as well as off-site storage. Please inquire on what plan would best suit your needs.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQDo you have a wish list?

Yes, we do! We are always happy to take down your number and keep you in mind for something you are looking for. We want to be as helpful as possible. Keep in mind, this is most effective when the piece you are looking for is very specific rather than general.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQHow do you price your furniture?

This is done based on what we had to purchase the items for as well as its condition and construction. We also strive to offer a value for this piece and ensure that you cannot find this piece in the condition at such a value anywhere else.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQDo you clean your furniture?

We professionally clean all upholstered furniture with organic furniture solvent and a two tank furniture upholstery cleaner that vacuums and wet cleans the fabric. Wood is polished and restored if needed and we leather condition and clean all leather furniture.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWhat are you consignment terms?

We do not have consignment terms. We purchase all of our furniture outright. This way we own all of our inventory and you always know exactly what you are getting for your furniture up front with no surprises or pestering phone calls. You will never have to deliver it to us unless you are out of service range and you will never be asked to come and pick it up if it has not sold.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWhat price ranges do you have?

We try to have something for every budget and taste. Sometimes we have more inexpensive items and sometimes we have more expensive items. Never judge the pricing based on one trip through. The inventory changes so quickly and we see such a variety, its best to come as often as possible if you are hunting for that special piece.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQ Where do you get all your furniture?

We get all of our furniture from local homes in roughly a 50-mile radius. We buy it from our community, no estate sales, garage sales, craigslist, auctions, etc.. All of our furniture is locally sourced and every dollar that we spend on our inventory goes into the hands of the people that live here. The more we spend on our inventory, the more we give back to our community. We do not order anything.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQ What furniture don’t you buy?

We never buy furniture that has significant rips, tears, pet or smoke damage. Some items that we do not purchase despite condition at this time are old entertainment centers, organs, grandfather clocks, floral sofas, mechanical beds, stereos, speakers, TV’s, exercise equipment, water beds, dishes, or silverware. There are plenty of local businesses that do work with these items and we would be happy to offer a recommendation. We prefer to focus on clean, quality used furniture.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQ Do you have a return policy?

We do not accept returns or exchanges.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQAre your prices negotiable?

We try to put our best foot forward every time we write a price on a tag. Our prices are based on what we paid for the item, which is based on research, experience, and our current daily market in Bozeman. We strive to provide great value and make sure you cannot find the same item in the same condition cheaper anywhere else. We want you to feel confident that you do not have to negotiate to get our best price, and we have done everything we can to provide value to our customers.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQCan I buy something that I saw in the store over the phone?

Yes, we can accept payment over the phone and can set up delivery, storage or pickup arrangements. We can offer an email, text or mailed paper receipt.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQDo you deliver?

Yes, We offer a full-service delivery option for a reasonable price based on distance. Most importantly our professional and courteous staff will place, assemble and carefully bring the items you purchased into your home if you wish. It is professionally handled and brought to you in a covered truck, so it arrives at you in the same condition as which you bought it.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQCan I place something on hold?

We do not hold any furniture so all of our customers have the same opportunity on each piece. With the unique nature of our inventory, we may never see that piece again and want everyone to have a fair chance at each opportunity. If something has a sold tag, it has been paid in full.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWhy don’t you have your inventory and prices listed online?

Each week we purchase between 100-350 pieces of furniture. We try and provide several pictures a week on social media to show you a small fraction of new and interesting pieces and perspectives. Feel free to call or email anytime regarding specifics or pricing or measurements. We are always willing to send more information and pictures to you personally or talk you through some options that we currently have. But, we are not an internet company and we do not plan on listing our entire inventory online. We promise it’s fun to shop here the old school way, in person. As always the best way to see what’s fresh and new is to stop in and take a lap in person.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQDo you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, We happily accept all major and a few minor credit cards. We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Checks, and Cash. We appreciate your business any way you choose to give it to us.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQIs everything you have on the floor?

Yes, We always have our total inventory in the store. If you are not seeing exactly the right piece, visit again soon or leave your name on our wish list and we will do everything we can to find your piece.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWhere’s the Used Section?

This is always a great compliment. We hear this often because our furniture is consistently clean and lightly used. But everything you see here has been previously owned.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQCan you ship?

We have the ability to facilitate shipping or put you into contact with local professionals that specialize in shipping furniture.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQCan you dispose of our old furniture even if you choose not to buy it?

This is not something that we do. Again, we can recommend some local businesses that specialize in this service. We only pick up the furniture that we have agreed to purchase.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQHow long have you been open?

The Used Furniture Store of Bozeman has been open since April 2011.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWhat’s the best day to come in to see the new furniture?

Nobody knows. We literally take in furniture every day that we are open. Sometimes we don’t even know whats going to show up until it arrives. It’s all about good timing around here.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQDo you have a staging service or rental furniture?

Yes, we do! We have a very simple structure for this. We have a $100 setup fee and a $100 pickup fee. From there you pay 25% of the full price of the cost of goods per month with a minimum of 1 months payment regardless of time of possession. After 4 weeks we prorate the fee daily. Any damage to the items customer would buy the piece(s). UFS retains ownership of the items regardless of the % paid through the duration. Please inquire if you would like to take advantage of this service.