About Us

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQWho We Are

The Used Furniture Store of Bozeman was founded in Bozeman, it is Bozeman owned and it is Bozeman operated. This store is 100% unaffiliated with any other entities or location. We are not a franchise or a national chain. Copied but not duplicated. We offer local character, hard work ethic, with reliability that is a product and complement to the community we call home. We are in business for our community and support the small businesses and local programs around us every chance we get. The owner is 4th generation Montanan and the management team has been there since the beginning, we are friends, colleagues and we are family.

Used Furniture Bozeman FAQHow we operate

We have some policies and we stick to them. We are consistent. We are open 7 days a week. We are fair, upfront and knowledgeable about our craft. We want to earn customers for life. We have fun every day and laugh at work. We play and laugh outside of work too. We take care of our families and help each other always. We smile a lot. We have great lives and lots of friends. We like rivers and mountains. We like vintage bikes and cool vehicles. We have a killer vinyl record collection. We play that vinyl every day in the shop. Sometimes it gets loud. We are accountable and present. We are in it for the long haul. If there is anything you need, any concern or question that you have, any of us can be easily reached. We will be prompt and diligent. We are solution orientated and we are customer first.